Why should we pray ?


Why should we pray ?

You are probably asking the same question. Wise men say that God already knows our prayers, our hearts. He already knows our desires as humans. So, why is it we need to pray? With all the blessings and good things God has done for us, He deserves our prayer for thanksgiving. As a matter of fact, saying thank you won’t suffice how much He has done for us. But for Him, a grateful heart is enough.


Why pray? According to the Bible, “Pray without ceasing” (1 Thess. 5:17). Even the Bible taught us to pray to God and no need for explanations. However, read further to discover the essence of praying and uttering a prayer of praise to God.


Prayer Binds Us To God


Yes, it is true that before we ask something from Him, He already knows what it is about. There is a need for a person to pray to God not to inform or impress Him, but to invite the Lord for a fellowship and celebration of being our Ultimate Provider and Healer. If you ask the Lord for a particular favor, there are three possible answers to your prayers – a yes, a no, or just wait and be patient.


Uttering a prayer of praise to God is our way of building a relationship with Him. It is important, however, that we understand that it should be a two-way street. In other words, the Lord is willing to listen to your thoughts and heart’s desires. However, you also need to listen to Him. When you say listen, it means we have to learn from Him. There is a need for us to listen and follow His commandments.


On the other hand, praying is important for the purpose of repentance. Humans as we are, we are prone to committing sins on a daily basis. It is normal to commit mistakes and sin. However, people should avoid the past mistakes they have already done. God is willing to forgive anybody for as long as he or she is willing to repent. Repentance means feeling regretful of your past mistakes and making a constant effort to avoid such mistakes from happening again.


Prayer Helps Us Find Purpose


We need to utter a prayer of praise to God as a sign of our gratitude for His greatness. We pray to God for us to find our ultimate purpose in life. The Lord surely has plans for every single individual in the world. With our prayers, we can be guided by the Holy Spirit in our journey in life. He is always willing to guide those who ask for His guidance and protection. On the other hand, it is also important to pray to God so that He can guide us in decision making, specifically if you need to make big and important decisions in life.



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