We Are All Occupants In This World


It’s easy to work out something you deeply desire or badly need and want, simply because you only have to be business minded, careless, risk-taker, adventurous without comprehensive planning, be unbelieving and be the master of your own tragedy. In fact, almost everyone’s world revolves into this – striving for the sense and feeling of satisfaction. What seems to always matter is personal. What seems valued the most is temporary. Unfortunately, some people forget to utter a prayer for guidance or a prayer for protection.

A few gives justice a chance to withstand the day. A few allows truthfulness occupy relationships or devotions to things that matter the most. It’s like anything goes. Funnily, a lot finds it to be more fulfilling. Yes, because everything’s an easy way out. Unfortunately, by thinking it’s okay to speak of two masters because no one seems to prohibit yet at the end there’s always the hunting conscience. It’s still one thing if you are innocent and pure like a child.

We live each day as it comes. However, due to our busy lifestyle, we tend to forget the basic necessities of living. One of them is to utter a prayer to the Lord. With all the blessings He has been giving us, He deserves adoration and thanksgiving. Offer a few minutes of your time each day to utter prayers for adoration or a prayer of praise to God.

Yet, we have different roles in life, but our differing commitments are no different. We all treasure one thing, breathe one air, sing one tune, and live one life. Even if we think that by our possessions we’re somebody, it still boils down to temporariness. We are all occupants in this world, and truly nothing lasts forever. The only thing that is eternal is the Lord and His great love toward us. It is therefore righteous to utter praise and worship prayers to Him.

It is easy to work out what we would be tempted to think good and important. But it takes selflessness to implore meaning into everything especially when we are talking not only of personal interests. There are things we measure with our minds and hearts, but then they would be all empty if they do not root from believing.#

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