True Greatness

True Greatness

“But those who humble themselves under the mighty hands of God shall be lifted up.”


Most of us often confound the meaning of greatness to success and or fame. But in reality, we all know that is not true. Why? Because we simply live in an imperfect world and its system does not revolve by the truth. Rather, this system is often motivated and directed by fear, doubt, unbelief, envy, greed and pride. We even tend to forget to utter praise and worship prayers, prayer for protection and other types of prayer.

No matter how hard we try to deny that everything here is falling or breaking apart, we just could not neglect that in the end, the fruits of our actions or choice can only go as far as how everything about us would head to. In that case, death. We are temporary just as all the things around us. If there is something that can last, that is our spirit with our emotions and memories because we have a soul. From there, greatness, when surmised to the idea of achievement or success becomes too shallow, meaningless or pointless because when everything else about us fades out, who else would get to appreciate or treasure the things that we would be leaving behind?

The world we live in is so mixed up. People, trends, information, technology, fashion, media and internet affect the way we perceive and live out our lives. We tend to forget to communicate with Him through praise and worship prayers or a prayer for healing and strength.

When was the last time you checked your mobile phone for a message or recent update from your social media account? How much time do you spend in watching television or hanging out with your friends to try some new venue to drink or just simply unwind? How much do you allow the trend or fashion that you see via news to affect the way you handle yourself as a person?

Do not get me wrong. These questions are just some of the points that if we are going to delve enough to or tackle, can expound for us the kind of lifestyle that we are actually adapting, or trying to possess, that we often misconstrue as the vital or necessary elements for us to have a fulfilling life. Some people even neglect the fact that utter a prayer for family or a prayer for guidance is very important.

But, let us go back to the idea of “greatness.” Is it even necessary for all of us to be great? Very good question! And the answer is no. But that depends according to how we actually define it. Truth is, we do not necessarily have to be always conscious about the idea, but it is vital that we recognize that the truthfulness of our state as human beings brings us to a place where we can acknowledge that there should be something so great about our nature that can make whole or complete what we ourselves could not explain, comprehend or even put together. In other words, mysteries. Those issues or subjects that in art or literature, even science are often being expressed or defined lousily- the reason why that in writing of many books there is no end. Dreams and passion or feelings that usually haunt us, or make us believe and hope what we couldn’t actually see yet, conceive or convey must have been true all the while. And many more.

As His people and followers, we should always remember to utter praise and worship prayers to show our humility and gratitude toward Him.