Seeing With Clarity

Seeing With Clarity


You would not believe until you see it happening. Hearing of words is not enough for most of us. We’re always like this as humans. We always make excuses when we come face to face with the truth. Humans as we are, we are weak and vulnerable. We are more susceptible to getting along with our feelings and emotions. Yet, we often neglect the power of prayers for strength.

Since we are just humans, we are often unsure with our own feelings. This is the reason why we get to the point of fulfilling only 50%. The other half is divided along with uncertainty and regret. So dreaming, and even idealism have no end. They become woven with the strands of our mindset, unless we keep that status quo, we feel just making things worse. So a lot of us fail.

A lot of us become strong. Strong but hard not to be sensitive enough and mindful towards others. And by being so, missing out the whole point of striving and living. Getting better turns to be only real in the fiction world. It’s too high to reach. We’re too little. We cannot see the whole picture. We cannot see our whole selves. And even though we know that God is just a prayer away, we usually forget to utter a prayer such as prayers for strength, praise and worship prayers, etc.

Seeing the whole picture is something we always overlook. No mind can conceive it. What was written, is written only for a certain experience to reflect on. So unity becomes always an issue in a corporate world because someone has always got to be right. We are living in a society where most things are repetitive and unchanging, yet we decided to be contented. We often neglect the fact that there must be something more than this. We cannot see by just seeing with our naked eyes and ideals. Sometimes we become too proud that we fail to see we’re wrong.

In our modern society nowadays, it is pretty challenging to see things clearly because we are too busy with our own work, family and personal issues. God wants us to realize the meaning of life and the significance of living. He wants us to talk to Him every day and offer praise and worship prayers or a prayer for family. But the only problem is, we fail to realize the importance of pausing for a moment and appreciating everything around us.