Prayers For Strength

“Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually!” – This is according to 1 Chronicles 16:11. Whenever you feel that you do not have enough strength to carry on or endure everything in life, all you need to do is seek His strength and presence.
The Lord will not fail in providing you the physical, emotional and mental strength you need. He is always present, even though you cannot see His presence, to carry you whenever you are battling with problems in life. Prayers for strength just take a matter of seconds or minutes to utter. These prayers, however, will always lead you toward God who can give you what you need.
As your problems become complicated, the more faithful you should be. When you rely on God for strength, nothing is impossible. Perhaps, you think that your burdens are too big to be resolved. However, with Him, everything works like magic. Keep in mind that God loves to answer your prayers for strength. Praying to God is a spiritual technique of asking for strength to face and conquer the problems that life is throwing at you.
On the other hand, saying a prayer is also about an admission that the Lord has the power to provide you strength. You need to remember that there is no particular formula in praying. The most important thing to remember is to say what your heart wants to say. Miracles do happen and your prayers will surely be answered at the right time.
God Loves To Strengthen Us
When the Lord starts to answer your prayers for strength, He allows you to have a deeper understanding of the things you have done wrong. Initially, it may cause you to feel discouraged, depressed, or confused. However, God supplies you with strength to understand his unfailing love for you and wise purposes.
On the other hand, it is also best to have an accurate understanding of His love and purposes because it will increase your faith in Him. With such understanding you will always feel the need to rely on Him for strength whenever you feel weak, physically, mentally, or emotionally.
The Lord knows your problems, frustrations, fears and other thoughts. Whenever you want Him to be your source of strength, do not hesitate to seek His strength and presence. Prayers for strength are your best weapon in times of weakness and doubts. He is always around to listen and answer your prayers. You only need to ask for His Divine presence and power.

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