Prayers For Sick

According to Psalm 41:3, “The Lord sustains them on their sickbed and restores them from their bed of illness.” This simply means that God is the Great Healer. He is your Savior. Whenever you are sick or weak, He is the only one who can restore your strength and healthy body.

Uttering prayers for the sick allows you to talk to the Lord and ask Him for ultimate healing. A prayer for healing illustrates firsthand the unerring power of prayer. Every time you feel the need to say a prayer, feel free to do so.

This type of prayer is for everyone who wants utmost healing given by the Almighty Father. If you are a parent or son/daughter who currently has a sick son, daughter, or parent, utter prayers for the sick. Say these prayers and remember them in your heart. Feel free to share them with your family or friends. Spread the word and inspire others to seek the help of the Lord all the time. On the other hand, these prayers are also for those who are awaiting surgery at the mean time. Pray and meditate in order to calm your soul and heal your physical self.

Prayers for the sick are miraculous. If you know someone who needs the Lord’s touch, never hesitate to lift them up to God, the Great Physician. He is the one who can help you in times of need and weakness. He can drive out all sickness from your body.

Pray to God with all your heart. With His love and grace, he can turn suffering into compassion, weakness into strength and sorrow into happiness. Ask for His healing touch and you or anybody will be healed. By uttering prayers for the sick, He will restore His servant to full health. He will not let you down. You may feel that you are too weak or sick to ask for His healing power. However, uttering prayers for the sick will only cost you a few seconds or minutes. Whether you are in bed or standing, you can say a prayer to the Lord and He is always willing to listen. This prayer is for those who are mentally, emotionally or physically suffering.

The Lord, with His healing grace, is your Ultimate Healer at all times. Say a prayer for your sick mother or father, sister or brother, friend, neighbor, co-worker or relatives.

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