Prayer quotes 3 feb 2015

Prayer quotes

Father God, I want to know You and experience You as my Father today. It is my desire to be Your child, resting in the fact that You have my best in mind. It is my desire to rest in that fact that You will provide for me, protect me and prepare me. As Your child, I want to have a striking resemblance to You. When others see me, I want them to see You. When other hear me, I want them to hear You. When others experience my actions, I want them to feel and experience Your love. Father, as Your child, I desire to carry Your name well. Fill me with your Spirit, give me Your words and make the matters that are important to You and make those important to me. Thank you for adopting me as Your child. Thank you for loving me. May my life be lived in response to this love You have shown.

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