Today’s Prayer Of Strength

A Prayer of Strength

Psalm 3

A psalm of David, written when he fled from his son Absalom.

Lord, how numerous are my enemies!
Many attack me

Many say about me,
“God will not deliver him.” (Selah)

But you, Lord, are a shield that protects me;
you are my glory and the one who restores me

To the Lord I cried out,
and he answered me from his holy hill. (Selah)

I rested and slept;
I awoke, for the Lord protects me

I am not afraid of the multitude of people
who attack me from all directions

Rise up, Lord!
Deliver me, my God!
Yes, you will strike all my enemies on the jaw;
you will break the teeth of the wicked

The Lord delivers;
you show favor to your people. (Selah)

David seemed to always find himself in need of the Lord. This is primarily why David was considered so strong and such a great man of God. When we understand that we are truly in need of God on a daily basis, even a moment by moment basis that is when we begin experience strength and the same moment at which the Lord is glorified.

All to often, mankind seeks to make a name for himself. All too often, mankind wants to tell stories of their conquest and their rising above the circumstances. The problem, however, is that when the person seeks to do this apart from God and giving Him the credit for the strength provided and the victory that was won.

What is your battle today? What forces wait around the corner ready to pounce on you? Is the challenge at home, at work or somewhere else… maybe even internally? Do you need strength for the day? Then pray for strength. Do you need deliverance from harsh surrounding and a storm that is threatening? Then pray for God to deliver you.

Prayer Of Strength :

Lord God in heaven, ruler of the heavenly armies, my fortress and my strong tower, I come to You at this moment declaring that I am weak and unable on my own. I want You and I need You. I need You to strengthen me and to empower me for the challenge that is ahead. Lord God in Heaven, I am unable to stand without You. Please lift my head, strengthen my will and move me forward knowing that You will fight my battles for me. When I get scared, I will look to You. When I begin to doubt, I will remember Your word. I will trust You and sing Your praises. I will let the world know how You have once again gone before me and provided a way when there was no way. May You be my strength all the days of my life. In Jesus’ name I pray, AMEN.

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