Today’s Prayer for Healing

What is so amazing about our God is that He understands us because He became one of us. In Isaiah 53:5, we are told that the Savior would be pierced, crushed and wounded… in fact, by His wounds we are healed.

Obviously, this pointing to the life and death of Jesus is referring to our greatest need, the most important healing, which is the healing of our hearts. We must be transformed by the Savior, taking a dead heart (dead in sins and transgressions) and bringing it to life and eternal life.

Often times, people who follow Christ struggle with the fact that God still performs miracles today. We see all the time in scripture that Jesus and the disciples performed miracles. Yet, the same individuals who struggle with miracles have no doubt that God would save them. Somewhere, there is a breakdown in logic. The thought that God can perform a miracle on our hearts, forgive us, save us and transform us but is then not capable or willing to provide a physical miracle. The good thing, is that Jesus has dealt directly with this issue in Luke 5. Specifically in verse 23, replying to those who were appalled by His forgiving a man’s sins asks the question, “Which is easier,to say, ‘Your sins are forgiven,’ or to say, ‘Stand up and walk’?” (NET)

Jesus knew that people would struggle with both needs and the fact that He can meet both of these needs. Therefore, be encouraged today as you seek Him out with your very specific need. He is willing and able to heal us. He wants to heal our hearts and meet our physical needs. God has not changed. Sometimes, for our benefit and that of the kingdom, He will allow us to endure trials and challenges as He did with Paul. However, we are to keep seeking Him, keep falling on our face before Him and continually casting our cares upon a gracious God who loves us dearly. A daily Prayer for Healing can change your life and fill it with happiness.

Prayer for Healing :

>Father God in Heaven, today I come before you with some very specific needs. I have needs that deal with the heart and I am very much in need of your healing. I have experienced pain and hurt and to be honest with You, I am not sure how to deal with it other than to say that You and You alone are the one who can deal with the depths of my heart. Father, because You are a loving Father, please heal me and make me whole so that I might continually sing your praises and give hope to others.

Faithful Father, I also have some very real physical needs. I know that Your ways aare higher than our ways and that I will not always understand how and why you answer our prayers in the way that you do. Yet, it is with a heart of trust and faith that I would ask you to heal my body from what is attacking it right now. I willingly endure whatever you bring me, not questioning your sovereignty, but God I know of nobody else that is the great healer… for that is how you have revealed yourself to us in scripture. Therefore, I ask you as my healer to heal me, embrace me and make me whole. In Christ’s name I pray, AMEN.

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