A Prayer for Family

Prayer for Guidance & Strength!

Have you ever read, I mean truly read and considered the account of Jairus and his daughter in
Mark chapter 5. In Mark 5:21-24 and 35-43, we see the story of a man who was a significant
leader within the community, a leader of a local synagogue, in his deepest moment of despair…
the impending death of his twelve year old daughter.!

Considering his position, he was probably not a big fan of Jesus prior to this moment. However,
in a moment of despair and desperation, he realized that his only option was to go to the one
person who could make a difference… Jesus! Jairus found himself at the feet of Jesus,
pleading and begging for the life of his daughter. He knew that a touch from Jesus was more
than enough to let his daughter live.!

When it comes to fighting for our families and realizing that we are fighting a bigger battle of life
and death… one with eternal consequences, we better find ourselves at the feet of Jesus
pleading for our kids, our spouses and others who in our families. This is the time when prayer for family is at the utmost of importance.!


In the morning, before the sun rises and before the rush of the days begins to push against
you… get before The Lord and plead for your family. Pray for strength to lead your family. Beg God that their lives would be lived
completely for Him. Ask God to protect their hearts, their minds and their bodies. Plead with
God that each member of your family might love Him with their whole of their lives.!

Example Prayer for Your Family:

Father God in Heaven. Because you are God, because you are Holy, because you are
Sovereign, I come before you asking that I and each person in my family would honor you and
bring you the glory that You deserve with the whole of our lives. I would ask that you use my
marriage and my family in anyway that You see fit. I know that I can trust you because as Your
word says, you love me and want the best for me. I know that “the best for me and my family” is
You. I ask that you use my marriage to make you known. I pray that the way I honor and love
my spouse represents the truth of my relationship with you. I ask that the manner in which I
love my kids and my spouse would show your value and your worth to the world around me. I
pray that my children would know you, follow you, love you, obey you and that you would
protect them and guide them. Lord, I ask that you keep them from sin and sin’s effects on their
lives. Father, I come before you hoping to see all in my family know you, pursue you and make
your kingdom known by the manner in which they live and obey you. Whatever you are calling
me to do, Lord, I will do it. Guide me and lead me as I lead my family. May you be honored and
glorified by our lives and our worship of you. In Christ’s name I pray, AMEN.

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