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You have successfully paid your administration fee for your prayer candle. There is only one more step before your Prayer Candle will be posted on the PFS Prayer Candle wall.  

You need to now select your Prayer Candle and give us a few details so we can post your personalized Prayer Candle. 

Click here to view the Prayer Candles available and be sure to note down the Prayer Candle number shown in the bottom right hand corner of the Prayer Candle. You will need to tell us this number when completing the form on the right.

Please complete the form on the right to build your own prayer, being sure to complete all fields correctly. When you finish entering the required details simply submit the form and within 48 hours your Prayer Candle will be posted for all to see and pray for you.

Please note that if you are requesting a custom prayer keep the prayer to less than 20 words and that it will need approval before being posted.  We will notify you if there are any concerns about your custom prayer.

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