Israel Prayer

Prayer for Israel

It is obvious with everything going on in the Middle East right now, that God’s chosen people are under a weight once again that pales in comparison to the struggles that most people face on a daily basis. Those who know and follow Christ should pray daily for the people of Israel. Pray for their protection, their coming to know Christ and both their survival and their ability to flourish for the glory of God.

God is not done with the people of Israel and therefore, neither are those who love God. Pray the following…

Prayer for Israel:

Father God in Heaven, Your chosen people Israel are constantly under a weight and threat from the world that we do not understand nor desire. However, it is for Your glory alone that we pray for Your people. Our prayer is for their recognition of You, their dependence upon You and that their relationship with You would shine into a part of the world that wants nothing to do with You.

We desire peace and justice. We desire reconciliation. We desire Your salvation for Your people and we desire for Your name to be lifted high. Therefore God, we ask that You make a way for Your people in a manner that has no explanation other than Your divine involvement and that this part of the world would bend their hearts and knees to You, turn to You and follow You.