We all have to face reality every single day of our lives and that reality is often full of challenges and obstacles. A more positive way to look upon these daily challenges is to see them as opportunities, that’s right opportunities. They create a situation that is prime for prayer, your chance again to talk to your Saviour, a chance to seek help from The Lord Our God who in some way will deliver a solution.
If you are facing challenges in your life or perhaps you feel for a close friend or relative who is facing challenges in their life, here are a few ideas to help you turn to God and pray in this situation.
These words of prayer are only suggestions or ideas, they are how I pray. Remember that when you pray you are simply having a conversation with the Lord Jesus Christ and in some way or other at some time your prayers will be answered even if at times you might not see the results immediately or easily. You might miss the signs that God provides to you but you will see and feel the benefits off your prayer.

When going through something difficult or challenging when you cannot see the light at the end of the tunnel :
In my time of darkness and despair Oh Lord, I place my faith in you that you will provide me with a guiding light so that I may see my way out of this dark gloom.

When you have lost a loved one :
In your mercy and love Oh Lord I know that you have taken them from me to enjoy a full life beside you so please until I join them and you, give me the strength to carry on without them in your love and peace here on earth.

When you feel that good things are perhaps not coming your way at the moment :
My Lord and Saviour, please share your abundance with me so that I too can share it with those less fortunate than me.

If you are in conflict in your family, in your life or in yourself:
Dear God I ask that you calm the troubled waters around me and give in inner peace as I fight the demons of conflict. Fill me with love and understanding that I may see the end to these troubles and gain peace of mind and spirit in the name of Our Father.

When you feel that you have lost your way and cannot see a future :
I place all my trust in you my God that through the Holy Spirit you will give me hand to guide me to the future you have planned for me. I know that when I place all my faith in you, your strong and guiding hand will lead me to your glory here on earth and in times to come.

If you are feeling discouraged and want more abundance and prosperity in your life :

Lord, I know that you have a plan for me but right now I cannot see it and I am feeling discouraged and without happiness in my life. Please shine your light upon me and fill me with hope and belief that good things will come to me.

If you are feeling threatened by something or someone :
In my hour of need Oh Lord, wash away my fears and trepidation, give me strength to face the challenges with loom today and give me the fortitude to be able to embrace the threats I face and be at peace with my tormentors.

And when you are feeling ill or are in pain :
Today I ask you Lord, that you will ease the pain I feel and bathe me in your love that I may enjoy a full recovery to continue my life in the name of Jesus.

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