God’s Everlasting Mercy


There is an overabundance and a superb plethoric dose of mercy every second of time that are concealed before our naked eyes. This mercy possesses the key that can unlock the door or our chances to experience exuberant joy which is neither dependent nor settling down with our own reason on how to be happy. It possesses a law on its own which is so perfect and flawless that it employs not only your five senses but even the eyes of your heart to be able to relish its fullness and perfection. Everything is just so alive. Indeed, God deserves a prayer for thanksgiving or a prayer of praise to God.

Freedom, on the other hand, seemed to have been so distant because we have deducted it into the things that we own rather than the the perfect law and grace that govern us. We have come to equate it to the materials that we can weigh, count or measure yet we do not seem to find the light at the end of the tunnel or the rich river flowing beneath the well of our hearts. We view it from here instead of seeing that we are actually a very vital part of a whole. With this, we often forget to utter a prayer of praise to God or a prayer for thanksgiving.

We thought we are heading to it or running in a race with all perseverance only to find out that we win as we stop fighting. It is after all a story that has long been done. Because if not, there will be no point to exist today. However, we are given all the time that we need so we can see with our own and stop blaming the fault about yesterday. Then we can begin to be thankful and be opened with all the possibilities that this abundant dose of mercy has been offering us. Worry less. Never hesitate to utter a prayer for guidance or prayer for protection in order to calm your senses.

I would like to reiterate and emphasize that Jesus is indeed the Beginning and the End of everything. Yes He died, but He rose again and forever lives! All things move and happen because of what He did. It can never be repeated. Yet, it doesn’t grow old. It does not tarry or fail. In fact, it is always new! It is something that is always available but is concealed because our perception is veiled. All things root from and point to Him, calling forth for Him, while we are all hanging midair with a decision to make which we often neglect.

Anyone couldn’t just ignore the idea how much we have allowed our hectic schedule and or fears to impose what we will have to embrace. It is a deception. Daily, we are surmounted with the hype of success and pinnacle of material wealth and edifice but our souls remain empty, starving, malnourished and suffering for Love that never runs out or dry. We often forget to utter prayers for adoration or praise and worship prayers.

In spite of everything, we can choose to see and believe from the point where ourselves could no longer dictate what we would have to trust and eventually embrace to hope for. The world may never be as pure as it should because of the indelible system that we have adopted. But let us know that there is nothing that Love can never eradicate. Because what is stained by sin is nothing worth comparing with what the divine blood of the Savior has washed away completely.

Mercy is overabundant and endless. If you say a prayer for forgiveness, God is always there to listen and forgive. We would be long non-existent if not. We may be overshadowed most of the time by our own fears and guilt, but this gives us the opportunity to wake up from the dreams that our perceptual experience have fastened us. Remember that this life is not a game and we only live once.

” Mercy is falling, falling and falling….” A song that wouldn’t grow weary of being sung. Because the One who knows understands completely what we really need, and we just have to allow Him to saturate us from this place of confusion which can always alter the moment we allow our hearts to simply see what He did in the beginning and keep on doing today. Everything after all points back here to the present. We are left nothing but with a choice where and when the moment we recognize, it would be impossible that nothing would ever come to life. Because with mercy, everything is just so infinite. Indeed, the Lord deserves our praise and worship prayers.#

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