Is There A God?


A lot of people would ask, “Is There A God?” It is because they have been bombarded with problems and worries leading to believing that He is not real. But the truth is, God does exist. You just have to believe in Him. If you want to talk to Him, you can utter praise and worship prayers, prayer for protection or prayer for guidance. There are various types of prayer you can utter everyday. You may not be able to see Him physically, but His power and greatness are beyond words.

In today’s society, there are people who do not believe in Him. They claim that if He really exists, He should have shown himself before them. On the other hand, there are those who have been a believer of God. For them, the Lord is like the wind. You can feel its presence, but can’t see it. It is even more interesting to know that experts have cited some reasons suggesting that He really exists.

The Human Brain Is Simply Amazing

According to experts, the human brain alone is an amazing proof that God exists. In this connection, he deserves our praise and worship prayers. The human brain is able to process more than 1 million messages every second. It has the power to process different colors, objects, temperature, texture, thoughts, memories and emotions. Moreover, it can monitor the ongoing bodily functions such as movement of the muscles, breathing pattern, hunger, eyelid movement, etc. With the help of the brain, you are able to dream, feel, take action, reason out and do other daily activities. Needless to say, there is a great mind behind the composition of the human brain. There is no single person in this world who can deny it.

God doesn’t want to force us to believe in Him. However, He would love you to communicate with Him by uttering praise and worship prayers, a prayer for forgiveness and other types of prayer you know. He has showed us ample proof of His presence or existence so that we can willingly respond to Him. The human brain, the one-of-a-kind chemical properties that water has, the perfect distance of earth from the sun and other amazing facts about the world can testify to His greatness and presence.

God Is Always There For Us

Always remember that the Lord performs miracles. He is the Great Provider, the Healer and the Protector. Have you ever noticed that when you are in middle of facing your own problem, you always find a way to solve it no matter how tough it is? For some reason, there is a powerful and mysterious force behind every thing in this world. We always get through the day despite of different problems that we face. It is because God is real. He exists. When you start to believe in Him, it can change your life forever and for the better.

The Lord is a loving and gentle God. He knows about our shortcomings and selfishness, yet He remains true to His words. He is everywhere. If you want to feel His presence, never hesitate to say a prayer for guidance or a prayer for healing and strength. The only thing people need to do is to start a deep relationship with Him.

“Is There A God?” the answer is YES.