God Is The Beginning And End Of All Things


According to Revelation 1:8, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” In the Greek alphabet, Alpha is considered the first letter. On the other hand, Omega is the last letter in the alphabet. This should not be taken literally. There is a deeper meaning to this verse. God wants us to think of the reality. He is absolutely the beginning of everything. At the same time, He is the ultimate end of things. Every thing begins and ends with Him, that is why He deserves our praise and worship prayers.

However, what does God want us to do in our daily lives? What does He want us to practice daily? Positivity. It’s not enough. Sincerity? Neither. Perseverance, maybe. Yet not enough. How about background? Status? Culture? History, clan or name? No. None of these. Intelligence, one can balance or equate and assume but emotions can alter a good logical decision with empathy. It’s true, the reason why when someone has the notion of inferiority over choice it can deviate a destiny or fate to something of lesser purpose or importance. Logic and psychology, still no.

We may not realize it, but He wants us to communicate with Him through prayers. God wants us to utter a prayer for thanksgiving, prayer for praise to God and praise and worship prayers.

Things begin and end with Him. They are the things that truly matter that can only and really thrust you through and not your own sacrifices, good works and persevering spirit alone.

There are times when we believe that we are powerful enough to do anything we want to do. However, we fail to realize the importance of relying on Him for our daily strength and protection. We sometimes forget the importance of saying a prayer for guidance or a prayer for protection. No matter how powerful we are, in terms of wealth and societal status, God has the power over every matter here on earth. We are not God. He’s the only One who can put us at the right time and place. He can hold your head up (again) as He brings you to a place you never think possible while you simply humble yourself before Him – redeeming what you think you just lost. Giving you new confidence.#

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