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Are you struggling with something in your life or just need a little more support ?

Get the Prayers for Strength Community to pray for you and your special situation.

Here at Prayers for Strength (PFS) we have often stated that we will never charge to pray for you and we certainly will not. However an idea was put to us to give other PFS followers the chance to pray for their fellow PFS followers. So the Prayer Candle Wall was born.

So what is the Prayer Candle Wall ?

The Prayer Candle Wall is a page on the PFS website where we will be posting requests for prayers submitted by PFS followers for their own special needs. It gives the PFS prayer community the chance to include you in their prayers specifically for your particular need. You too can visit the Prayer Candle Wall and pray for others' needs as well.

How do I get a Prayer Candle ?

You simply complete a short form and make a small payment to cover administrative costs and your Prayer Candle will be added to the PFS Prayer Candle Wall. You Prayer Candle will remain on the wall for a month unless you select a longer period (with the associated administrative costs). The nominal administrative cost attached to the Prayer Candle Wall enables us to post your Prayer Candles and maintain them allowing many others to see your Prayer Candle and to pray for you but PFS will continue to pray for your cause without charge as promised.


Ready to post your Prayer Candle to the PFS Prayer Candle Wall -   simply CLICK HERE



Here's What the Wall looks like.  
It is a collection of Prayer Candles showing the particular needs of people all around the world in the PFS community. Your Prayer Candle will stay on the wall for the period you require unless you request for it to be deleted. You are not limited to one Prayer Candle and you can submit as many as you like.
You can select your favorite candle from our beautiful selection with your particular request for prayer or you can request a custom prayer. Please be aware that we will have to approve your custom request before it is posted to the Prayer Candle Wall. Generally speaking it is recommended to select from one of the many prayers available as we will continue to add to the selection periodically. Once you have finalized the request process your Prayer Candle will be loaded within 48 hours. Please be patient with us.


If you wish to find out more or to post a Prayer Candle on the PRS Prayer Candle Wall simply CLICK HERE

If you prefer to skip all the boring steps and go straight to posting your Prayer Candle on the PFS Prayer Candle Wall then just click on the "Buy Now" button below :

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