A Few Brave Souls


In life, we have our own battles to fight and fears to conquer. However, sometimes the toughest battles are fought by the little ones, the innocent kids. In times like this, God is the only one they can rely on and offer prayers for hope and prayers for strength to. But what if these little ones are not physically capable of saying anything or doing something for themselves? I was able to ask this question because of what I have experienced last Friday.

One Of The Most Precious Days Of My Life

When a friend of mine went back to our town, he told me about a charity or nonprofit institution he has been helping since 2012. I was surprised to know that he has been so kind-hearted to lend a hand to the less fortunate knowing that he himself is not a rich person. He asked me if I could visit the institution as well and see how I could be of great help to the orphans. Without any hesitation, I said “yes, of course”.

Before I went there, I uttered a prayer for guidance and a prayer for protection so that God would guide me on my way to the charity institution. That day, I felt a bit nervous, a bit tired, a bit excited, a bit clueless of what to expect. It was a bit of every kind of emotion there is. When I arrived in the area, I found myself pressing the button of a doorbell. A middle-aged woman opened the gate for me and she greeted me as she smiled. I learned that her name’s Eden. She led to a room wherein there were 14 children. Each of them has their individual crib. But what surprised me was when I saw some of the children were just lying in their crib. I asked Eden what happened to those kids. She said they are suffering from cerebral palsy while others have hydrocephalus. I felt so piteous toward them that I was about to burst in tears. That moment, I uttered prayers for hope and prayers for strength. I believe it was the least thing I could do for them. When I was about to cry, a frail-looking young girl called me and she said she wanted to play. I smiled at her. Her words were surprisingly sweet.

And then, a young boy hugged me and he asked me to carry him around my arms. I felt happy and piteous at the same time. I was happy because he was such a sweet boy. I felt a bit sad because I could his longingness to be hugged and carried by someone he could treat as a mother. During my visit, we did some fun things together such as drawing just anything on a piece of magic pen board. While I was with them, I silently uttered prayers for strength and prayers for hope so that they could face their daily battle with strength and hope because most of them are orphans.

Despite of this, I could say that It was such a fun day for me and the kids. It was just a short visit, but I told myself that I would definitely keep on coming back to play with them whenever I have time.